Sonoma Coast

Sonoma Coast

Friday, September 2, 2011

Reef Madness and hyperbolic structures

Crocheting hyperbolic planes is my new means of filling idle time and procrastinating from finishing the boarder of Pi shawl.  Coral reef abounds with hyperbolic structures, and crochet is the only known means to demonstrate this natural phenomenon.  To me it doesn't get much better than combining feminine handicraft, biology, math, art, and activism. You can read about the project here.  Brilliant. 

These structures are so fluid, feminine, and absolutely mimic ocean life. I have experimented with several different algorithms and am fascinated to see the different forms taking shape. I'm participating in an installation at the Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey, CA. so this is just a tiny sneak peak.  I was kindly invited by these folks, and am so excited to be a part of it.
The structures work up pretty quickly, which only feeds my obsession. And keeps me from the last 100 or so stitches left to finish on the border of my beautiful Pi shawl. So close to being done! All this crocheting has prompted me to learn to knit with the yarn in my left hand (continental style), and I'm now well on my way to becoming a "switch knitter." The garter stitch border of Pi shawl has provided a great learning opportunity for that endeavor, but its been slow going and slightly frustrating. I feel like I'm starting over from scratch, though my tension is quite even and I am getting a bit faster. I know It'll be worth the effort in the end.
Loving the subtle color change. This is going to be beautiful...

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