Sonoma Coast

Sonoma Coast

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Local Wool Pi Shawl

Pi Shawl, my second.   Pattern:  my own, based upon EZ (Elizabeth Zimmermann)'s guidelines for creating a circular shawl using Pi.  Wool:  the lovely local Bodega Pastures, their sportweight in two natural shades, 8oz oatmeal and 4oz ivory.  Needles:  started with 6, and went up a size at each increase section, ending on 8's.  The lace pattern in the outer section comes from Barbara G. Walker's 2nd Treasury of Knitting Patterns, and is named "Coral".  Start to finish, this shawl took me two months to complete.     

This shawl was finished just in the nick of time for this fall-like weather we're having here; its been worn daily since its completion.  I've been testing it out doubled and folded in  half, as a lap blanket, draped in a single layer around my shoulders, and she functions beautifully in every case.     

Very warm.  I'm in love. 

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