Sonoma Coast

Sonoma Coast

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cable Madness

Embarking on this project was gutsy.  It might be above my skill level.  It is not lace.  It has saddle shoulders, which I know nothing about.  That said..... 
I am so pleased with this project so far.  Once getting the pattern established, it is swimming along.  I had (understandable) reservations about starting this, but am pleased that it is becoming intuitive and almost prosaic as I learn the charts.  I am urged along by my desire to see the cables grow.  I like to think that an ole Irish fisherman who had great taste would have knit something like this curve-hugging-all-over-cable sweater for his woman ashore.  This is the real deal, with some feminine shaping thrown into the cable patterning.  And I'm pleasantly surprised that it is compatible with watching movies and wine drinking.  Bonus!       

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