Sonoma Coast

Sonoma Coast

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Latest Lace

This yarn was dyed and given to me by my talented and lovely indie dyer friend, Heidi Iversen of H-Luv and HIJK.  I started to make socks with it, but the yarn was too special to wear on my feet.  It was dyed with very special indigo grown in California.  
So the sock was unraveled, and this lacy cowl materialized 48 hrs later after a marathon of watching House of Cards.  It's the Appia cowl pattern from Craftsy.  I love it, and may never take it off... 

Here is the sock moments before it was unraveled:

It was a great sock, actually.  It fit perfectly, was accented nicely with grey alpaca on the toe and heel portion, and materialized from a simple pattern I made up in my head.  But again, in the end, the yarn was just too special to wear hidden on my feet under shoes, and had to be liberated and showcased around my neck.  I am quite pleased with my decision.   RIP wonderful sock.