Sonoma Coast

Sonoma Coast

Monday, November 21, 2011

Zipper Saga

Alternate title for this post: This sweater is just not photogenic!  I can't seem to get any shots that show the intricate cable patterns.  It could be because of the color of the sweater?  I've had two different photographers attempt to capture the essence of this gorgeous sweater, to no avail.  Not to worry though, once I get a zipper put in this thing, I doubt I will ever take it off.  That will leave ample opportunity for a decent shot to emerge.
Which brings me to the original title of this post... I have searched far and wide (or at least all of the fabric stores within a reasonable radius from my house) and the zipper selection has been severely lacking.  I may have to make a special trip into San Francisco for this elusive 20" brown separating zipper. 
In other knitting news, I can't show you any of the projects I'm working on now because they are to be gifted!  Its not my style to have more than one or two projects going at once, and its honestly a little overwhelming.  And my sweat shop living room looks like a yarn storm just passed through.  Happy Holidays!!

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