Sonoma Coast

Sonoma Coast

Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Cowl

Its another chickadee cowl, in the luscious Misti Alpaca Bulky.  My brother got an identical one last year for Christmas in a beautiful slate color.  My stepmom got one in cashmere.  I wear mine constantly, indoors and out.       

And, alas, still no zipper in Vivian, as you can see.  Ah well...  

I've chosen and purchased my next pattern.  Its from Fibershed, an awesome project in my area.   I love using local wool when I can.  We'll see what I can find for this garment.

Now that I'm proficient in Continental style knitting, the repetitive knit stitch delights me to no end.  And this simple sweater is pure stockinette!  In American style knitting, I find the knit stitch laborious and unbearable to repeat for an entire garment.  Or even a hat for that matter.  This must explain my preference for the intricate patternings of lace and cables thus far in my wild knitting escapades.  But has my era of stockinette and garter stitch just arrived..?

We shall see!

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