Sonoma Coast

Sonoma Coast

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Productive Sunday.

While knitting this afternoon, I looked down and realized that my WIP (work in project) matches my Versailles tank! Then I realized that I haven't even blogged about poor Versailles yet! Oh my. I LOVE this tank. It's made in natural pima cotton (not dyed, this is the actual color of the cotton). I made it last summer, and perhaps the lace detail is what prompted my plunge into lace thereafter (sigh). Oh is it soft. And machine washable. And everytime I wash it, the color deepens. And best of all, it fits!

This shot was a mistake (I thought I was setting the self-timer), but it shows the front details clearly. I really like the side slits with a small lace motif on the front and back. The pattern calls for buttons to close the neckline, but I chose to leave it open.

You can barely see the tiny lace motif at the waistline in the back right. The larger lace motif was a lot of fun to make - other than the p3togTBL (purl 3 together through their backloops- yikes!) That wasn't easy.

When I got cold this afternoon- yes, I know it is July in Sonoma County, but the sun barely came out today - I had to add a layer. Celes was the closest thing nearby, and I think it looks lovely with the Versailles tank.

It's breaking some sort of rule to pair two handknits together, but see if I care :)

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