Sonoma Coast

Sonoma Coast

Monday, March 2, 2015

A Cold Winter Day's Spin.

I have been spinning and spinning.... These last few weeks of winter have had me wanting to do nothing but stay inside, drink tea, listen to podcasts, and spin to my heart's content.  And so I've done little else.  I went for a whole week without even knitting anything.  Only spinning, and thinking about spinning, and plotting what I will spin when the weather warms enough to wash the fleeces I have waiting to be spun.   
I've learned a lot, and my skills are greatly improving.  Here is a two-ply on the bobbin.  It is fairly even, balanced, and uniform.  The end result is still somewhere between a worsted and bulky weight.
This basket is filled with the results of hours and hours of spinning bliss.  What will I make with it all?  I'll ponder the answer to that while I go spin some more.....

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